Why today’s Christians must be readers
The Bible instructs all Christians to ‘be renewed in the spirit of your mind’ (Ephesians 4:23). God calls Christians to understand Christ and his teachings with all of their mind. Paul urged Timothy to ‘think over what I say’, for that is the way in which the Lord gives understanding (2 Timothy 2:7). Zeal and sincerity are important, but they need also to be informed by knowledge (Romans 10:2). So it is vital for the minds of all Christians to be captive to the Word of God and to learn from all who are able to help us.

The place of the mind
People come to faith by hearing the Word of God (Romans 10:17). And in a society that is increasingly obsessed with image more than with meaning or truth, it is God’s Word which brings Christians to fruitfulness. Getting into God’s Word then is a must for all true Christians and the insights of spiritual men and women are a great stimulus in this. But, with so much dubious ‘Christian’ material around, where can we be sure to find real spiritual food?

The role of historic evangelicalism
In the sixteenth and seventeenth century God restored his Word to its rightful position in the church and that led directly to the desperately needed Reformation of the church – and to a revival of true spiritual life among the people. Many great believers of past centuries have owed their own spiritual understanding to the works that came out of the Reformation era (building, as it did, on earlier teachings of the church fathers) and the historic evangelical movement was born. The spiritual insights of the Reformation have inspired others right down to our day. It is these treasures, so full of biblical truth, which the EL has collected and makes available.

Who does the EL exist for?
Quite simply, the EL exists to provide Christians everywhere with access to an unparalleled resource of the best Christian writings. It is for all Christians, though the resources will be of particular value to those who teach God’s Word, as well as to students and authors involved in specific theological research.

Why join the EL?
The EL is a unique Christian resource in the UK. It has a library of over 80,000 Christian evangelical books and periodicals and today this wealth of spiritual wisdom is available to you. For just £25 a year – though £15 is acceptable for students and others needing a concessionary rate – you can become a member of the EL.

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