How can I join?
You can join the Evangelical Library by post, on this site or in person during a visit to the Library itself.

How much does it cost?
The cost of becoming a member of The Evangelical Library is £25 per annum (though £15 will be acceptable for those who cannot afford it). If you wish to order on-line or order by correspondence and use the Library’s mailing service to receive your books we will require a further £5 deposit – the cost of mailing the books by post will then be deducted from this account. We will notify you when the deposit account needs replenishing.

NB. You will appreciate that the above amount in no way covers all the expenses incurred by the Library. The Library’s unique resource of books will also be a rich spiritual heritage for future generations to us. We therefore need to protect and value it. Any extra donations (i.e. donations under the gift aid provisions) you may care to give over and above the amount required for membership will therefore be gratefully received. The Library is a registered charity and is also therefore able to reclaim tax from the gift aid giving of all UK Income Tax payers (at no extra cost to you).

Borrowing Books
As a member you will be eligible to:

  • borrow as many books as you would like (NB. But only up to four books during the first year of your subscription).
  • borrow books for up to a two calendar month period.
  • renew the lending period by e-mail, phone or correspondence.
  • receive our regular Bulletin magazine, updates and other special sale offers from time to time.

No notes or markings of any kind can be made on the books. Fines for overdue books will be charged at 4p per book per day (24p per week per book as we do not count Sundays). (these will also be deducted from the initial deposit).

Our unique mailing service
Our unique mailing service sets us apart from many other libraries. Once you have become a member of the Library we will attempt to send out the books you have requested within 24 hours of receiving your request. All books will be well-packed and, where possible, we ask that you re-use the same packaging (or packaging of an equivalent protective nature) when returning books. NB. Thin manilla envelopes are not suitable.

Overseas mailing
Members from abroad will be allowed an appropriate degree of latitude when returning books from overseas.

Old and rare books
Sadly, old and rare books cannot be ordered through our mailing service – neither should they be returned by post.

Further information:
Reference materials – the Library also has a stock of reference materials which can only be used on the premises only. The Library has desks available for study with computers available on the upper floor during normal opening hours (see Home page).

Photocopies from periodical materials can be made, subject to copyright, at a cost of 10p per copy.