Spring Lunchtime Lectures 2015

This Spring we have two lunchtime lectures here at the library that we would love you to come and be a part of: Monday 9th March when Robert Strivens will speak on “William Perkins and how to live happily forever” Monday 18th May when Ian Densham will speak on “The Infinity and Eternity of God” You are…


Spring Lectures Online

The Library is presently closed and will remain closed for the foreseeable future. However, we have organised a short series of lunch time lectures online. The proposed lectures are as follows. The lectures will be put out live at 1 pm on the following dates Monday January 25 Norman Hopkins on Alfred Saker, missionary to…


Special Requests

Wanted – a copy of “In writing” (vgc). We will pay you for it. For sale/disposal – various pictures. “In Writing” If anybody has a copy of “In writing” (very good condition) which they don’t want we would be interested in having it. We will pay you for it. Pictures The Library has a number…


Reopening on Monday 12 April 2021

    Readers will be pleased to know that we will be reopening the Library at the usual times six days a week from Monday 12 April 2021. After this further lockdown it will be good to be ‘back in business’. We have taken the time during this last lockdown to upgrade the computers at…



We are glad to say that from Monday June 8 we will be reopening with strict social distancing measures.Until further notice opening times will be Monday to Thursday 10 am to 4 pm.